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MA Econ, BA Tpt.

Past-president and co- founder of World Project Group (WPG) in 2004 , an independent Group of project freight forwarders in new global markets with exclusive membership.

Member of Security Cargo Network (SCN) since 2003 till today. Visiting Professor in Business Process Improvement at the Lessius University where he promoted in 1987. (1992 – 2010).

He gained his first project experience as an expatriate in LIBYA , worked also in Frankfurt/M , Venice, Italy and France for major groups and automotive (CAT – RENAULT)

TPL (2000) is a family owned company and was founded to service the segment of global project clients’ needs predominantly in power generation, eco industry projects and EPC projects mainly for Russia, Central Asia, and EMEA.

TPL STORY : Learn more about “Happy Profit” and “Better Solutions”

After my Bachelor studies In 1981 I started as a resident project forwarder in Libya (in Kaddafi time still named S.P.L.A.J  ) I handled local OOG operations and customs clearance for a 160000 fr/t project : the desalination plant in AL Khums (HOMS – abt 120 km east of Tripoli), this is equivalent to a vessel every month, It was a very special experience on how to solve problems.

Upon my return to Europe I decided to take a university degree (MA Econ & Tpt) at University of Leuven (K.U.L) I graduated cum laude, I had a few publications in trade press. In that period I was marketing manager and developing various niches in transport for the Internatio Müller Group (Müller Thomsen,Antwerp) . From 1992-2010 I was visiting professor in Logistics and gave a seminar in BPI (business process improvement) at KUL campus in Antwerp, very enriching.

Eventually I joined management of C.A.T (the International Transport Div of RENAULT) , my last assignment was Director International Division for Benelux. Most of the projects handled in H.O. for french Key account passed via Antwerp. At that time I was involved in transport related to the J.V Renault-Moscowitch in Moscou , CAT Antwerp became the knowlegde center for Russia and Central Asia. And we gained incredible experience in project forwarding in F.S.U.

In 2000 I set up my own company. I believed in the power of independent forwarding companies and in using their local expertise, doing ethical business, and always, offering better solutions.

About 10 years ago, I developed the foldable readybox® concept, because, again I wanted to provide better solutions in MARITIME PACKING , putting the client in front. We needed to provide better packing SOLUTIONS, bearing in mind the GENUINE SHIPPING REQUIREMENTS in stead of being sold “more wood”.

So here we are now, I thank you for visiting my website, for reading this story, and I truly hope you will get in touch with us, give us call NOW, yes, to find out that : we say what we do, and we do what we say, helping you to get and edge on completion.

Ahoi ! Robert J Vermetten

General Conditions

All our transactions are subject to the General Conditions of the Belgian Freight Forwarders Association 2005 and subject our final approval. The text of these Conditions, published under number 0090237 in the “Annexe au Moniteur Belge” dated June 24th , 2005 is already in your possession. All our invoices are payable at 25 days after invoice date. Only Antwerp Court is competent in case of dispute, which will be treated under Belgian Law. Insurance for transport- , risk of staying the port. Handling risk is only undertaken on your behalf at explicite written request. As per General Conditions of the Belgian Freight Forwarders Association 2005, cargo remains at risk of cargo in the port. Claims are receivable within 8 days after receipt of invoice (or pre-invoice notice). Sea freight is due upon receipt of the freight note. In Writing every variation of these conditions must be confirmed. Integral text of these conditions can be consulted under :Belgian Freight Forwarding Standard Trading Conditions 2005 or go to http://www.vea-antwerpen.be/img/user/file/AlgBelgExpVw%20ENG.pdf


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