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European inland transport

Inland logistics in Europe

TPL is your right partner to organise reliable and cost effective European transport.

Short Sea Shipping also means “co-modality” since the coastal sea transport always starts or ends with truck transport, inland barge transport, or railtransport.

Inland waterways are extremely important for transport of PROJECT CARGO where we see that indivisible loads are transported as is (no mounting or demounting of units), which means a substantial saving on rigging and staffing expenses.

TPL is focusing on cargo (both containers and breakbulk) to /from North Sea ports, Black Sea, Baltic Ports hence contributing to better transitflows for deepsea destinations (in Africa, Middle-East, Turkey).

Short Sea shipping is closely connected to multimodal transport means.

No European inland transport without using the many inland containerterminals which are available as per enclosed sheet giving an overview on the possibilities.                           Inland container terminal

In order to optimise these transports, TPL is offering one-way transport solutions to make containertransport more economical and also multimodal railway solutions using the container railway hubs to deliver cargo from hinterland till the Northsea ports of Antwerp / Rotterdam/ Hamburg.

CASE STUDY THREE : use of inland container depots

Last year 2013 we were able to obtain a new traffic from the North-East of France , and were confronted with a very tough competition. We obtained containers from an inland depot, organised precarriage on one-way trip basis by truck and multimodal oncarriage by rail.

This provided just the competitive edge we were looking for to be entrusted with the business, and to provide a competitive rate to our client. Hereafter you will find the list of European inland depots where we can organise freight booking for you, so that you can profit as well from this economic advantage thanks to European inland logisitics.  Co-modality is often a key for success.




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