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Suzlon transport by TPL services

After a very tough prequalification (abt 17 freight forwarders in Antwerp were contacted), two recommended the services of TPL

so we handled the prototype of the 2.5 MW windmill from Mumbai via Antwerp to Bitburg (border between Germany -  Belgium and Luxemburg).
The nacelles had a weight of 86 MT and had to be delivered under particularly harsh wintercircumstances with a slope of 12° (!!) we were confronted with during the road recognition. Therefore a special tug unit STEYR of 300 tm pulling power was needed to get the nacelle up the hill, where an 850 to crane was waiting and costing money, so no room for failure ! The blades of 45 m needed special VLM measures to get across the small rural villages upto Bitburg.  Tough job was done.