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Temporary export to Morocco and re-importation of TBM

In 2011-2012 TPL shipped all equipment and materials from Antwerp to Casablanca for one of the largest tunnel boring projects in Morocco. For the bulk of the equipment TPL chartered a vessel and the remaining materials followed suit in 20' and 40' ST and OT containers, both liner  and principal's own equipment.The majority of the equipment was temporarily exported out of Belgium and temporarily imported in Morocco, accompanied by the appropriate EUR1 documents.

After the succesful completion of the project towards the end of 2013, TPL in close collaboration with his Moroccan partner Marine Maroc, organized the return of the equipment and materials back to Belgium.

Again a vessel was chartered for all out-of-gauge, non-containerizable items and shipper's owned containers for a voyage to the port of Ghent, where the vessel was offloaded in 2 shifts. In the meantime customs clearance under the appropriate re-importation procedure was swiftly completed by TPL's Ghent partner Stukwerkers and the equipment was put on normal and special transports to the principal's site for transport to and use in another project.

Furthermore some ten 20' and 40' DV and OT containers with smaller equipment and material were shipped from Casablanca to the port of Antwerp, where the same customs re-importation procedure was handled quickly and successfully by TPL's Antwerp partner AFCS. It then took only a few days to bring the containers to the principal's site for subsequent use of the equipment in other projects.

Another project handled and completed from A to Z by TPL to the full satisfaction of his principals.