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From our TPL experience we identified specific industry needs to provide a seaworthy packing service in our warehouse facilities at either connected to RAIL or to INLAND WATERWAYS.

Where required packing will be done as per SEI classification. This means that we provide a guarantee that machinery is protected against corrosion, and safely stored for a period  of 1 year as per SEI certification (4C). Our associate is SEI certified since 15 years. Corrosion is responsible for a loss of USD 10 TRILLION worldwide, and USD 350 BILLION in USA alone (source ARMOR USA)

In Belgium these costs equal 11 BILLION EURO (3.1% of the GDP) (source Avecom) and in the whole of the Western world they are estimated at 4% of the GDP.

As we explained in our insurance section, unpacked/unprotected items or items packed in non-waterproof packing cannot be covered against rust, oxidation, discoloration, wetting, staining, scratching, bruising, chipping, denting, marring and the cost of repainting as applicable.This means that cargo which can be corroded in contact with high degree of salinity, or subject to moist, humidity must get special attention to avoid damage, since damage can be subject to discussion by the insurers.
Eg electronical circuits, steering panels, electrical switch boards, and all electronic devices need to be properly packed in seaworthy SEI 4C crates or similar SEI 4-a18 (using VCI). TPL will be pleased to provide full assistance here to find a cost effective SEI – 4C packing with certificate using their daughter company READYBOX®
Readybox® is focusing on the needs of the customers and provides new applications in foldable boxes (modular container cases ), pallet collars, CKD (Completely Knocked Down) industry cases. For insurance purposes seaworthy (waterproof) packing SEI 4C or SEI 4-a18 (with VCI)  is a key issue with regard to exclusion clauses. It is important that our client remains with a good feeling in his cooperation with TPL and READYBOX.  Assisting the shipper in avoiding problems in international transport, our flexible approach towards each individual client stands for our personal approach.
In short, we are accountable, each client can count on TPL and READYBOX . This we hope will create the service delivery that you will experience will make the difference.

VCI Working Principle :

VCI paper SP-STEELWRAP-WF carries a high load of specially engineered rust preventing chemicals (VCI’s). These organic chemicals dissociate into Anions and Cations with moisture as an electrolyte. These Anions and Cations associate with anodic and cathodic reactive areas respectively on the metal surface forming a mono-ionic protective layer, making it inert for any further reaction such as oxidation/rusting. Any loss of ions is replenished through further condensation of vapour ensuring continuous protection. It protects metals strongly through direct contact as well as vapor action.

Here the organic molecule, which orients itself suitably, becomes attached to the solid surface often via a less than total reaction between the inhibitor molecule and the solid surface. The attachment does not require a total electron transfer in either direction. A coulumbic force, for example ion-dipole attraction, suffices to attach the inhibitor molecule to the solid surface. This in turn interferes with access of the corrosive entity to the surface.

ARMOR VCI Paper SP-STEELWRAP-WF provides an extremely dry method of protection. It protects bare metals both through direct contact and vapor action. The high-tech VCI chemicals have a property of evaporating into the surrounding enclosure.

The released vapor deposits on the metal surface and forms a protective mono-ionic layer, which provides protection to the packed parts from corrosion.

It thus enables effective and long-term protection of ferrous metals against corrosion under adverse conditions including contaminants in air such as hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, ammonia or acid rain. VCI vapors easily migrate to hard to reach areas like drilled holes, crevices etc. and give effective protection.